6 Tips For Choosing Your Garden Furniture Set

November 11, 2018

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6 tips for choosing your garden furniture Set:

Whether you have a small or large garden, terrace or balcony, use outdoor furniture to create your garden! Many forms, colors, accessories more or less zany exist in the trade. It only remains to choose

Small garden, folding garden furniture:

Small gardens, terraces and balconies are also entitled to their garden furniture: use folding furniture that is easily transportable. They take much less space to store and serve as indoor furniture. Choose a round table, you will place more people around.

Bet on the colors:

Using bright colors for your outdoor furniture or garden accessories, you revive the small spaces: place colorful cushions and light pots, use a red table and wood seats, play on the textures of outdoor fabrics. With cheerful colors, you make the garden sometimes friendly or warm, sometimes festive or crazy. You have the choice between all colors imaginable, so have fun!

With plenty of space, treat yourself to comfort:

In a large garden, you can create different relaxation areas through your garden furniture. A Zen area with low seating, a family area with a long table and plenty of chairs – some are foldable or stackable, a bistro corner for an aperitif or a street meal with a high table and bar stools, a real outdoor lounge with sofa and coffee table, a parasol, a hammock and a swing or an outdoor sail.Moreover nowadays rattan daybeds are very popular as well to relax in a comfy nook. You have enough to make all the spaces you want!

source: Photo-credit-Wicker Paradise-via-Visual-Hunt

Think about the weather:

For regions prone to weather, the choice is rot proof materials such as teak or heavy furniture so they do not move during a windy. To protect your cushions and fabrics from the sun and sea spray, opt for anti-UV fabrics called “dyed textiles”. There are also many protections adapted to different types of furniture: covers to protect tables and chairs, cushions, umbrellas, trunk storage. Store your furniture under cover during the winter or, in the case of folding furniture, in a cupboard or storage box.

From the interest of the garden shed:

There are garden sheds of all sizes. The advantages of the storage of your garden furniture on its maintenance and its longevity are many: your garden is sheltered from bad weather (cold, rain, wind) as well as animals; he remains longer in good condition; and spring cleaning is just a formality. This also applies to your garage or workshop.

Materials in shambles:

Once you have determined the space you will use for your garden room and the climate constraints, you can choose the right material for your garden and your budget.

Stainless steel: longevity 8-10 years; wind resistant; can rust.

Aluminum: weather resistant; very light ; do not rust.

Teak: rot and waterproof; can stay outside winter under protection and elevated.

Wrought iron: longevity 20 and +; very strong and heavy; must be treated against rust; expensive.

Synthetic Wicker: weather resistant; very light ; stay in the garden in winter under protection; for all budgets; takes up space.

Last rattan furniture fairy advice:

Available space, weather, design and materials are important points to keep in mind when choosing your garden furniture. Make your choice and enjoy!