Becoming a Flooring Installer

November 11, 2018

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For a lot of young people working through school, or just about to leave, it may be difficult deciding on what their next step may be. With more and more staying in education and attending university, there will be fewer school leavers considering a more practical occupation, such as electrician, doors Yorkshire fitter or a wood flooring Yorkshire installer. With more and more flooring Yorkshire being marketed as easy to fit and manageable by complete novices, you might think that there is less demand for skilled wood flooring Yorkshire installers, but this is not accurate. People are spending more money to ensure that their flooring is fitted correctly, or using actual wood rather than laminate panels, and so becoming a flooring Yorkshire fitter is a wise career move.

There are a couple of different pathways that can lead to becoming a flooring installer. One of the most common ways to get into it is by undertaking an apprenticeship. These apprenticeships will offer valuable, on the job experience, whilst also setting you up with the skills to thrive in a blue-collar environment. Whilst you could have all of the talent and abilities to lay flooring skilfully, it can be hard to integrate into a ‘on-site’ environment. Apprenticeships will help you to become a well-rounded, skilled labourer specialised in wood flooring Yorkshire , a valuable skill that can lead to a lucrative future. These apprenticeships combine working, studying and earning a wage, making them a good way to be paid to learn valuable skills. Not only will you learn how to cut and lay flooring, you may also learn about installing carpets, working on stairways, and prepping rooms to have doors Yorkshire fitted. Being able to fit other flooring options, like carpet, tiling, laminate and underflooring will open even more options up for you and allow you to make even more money in the future. This will also add stability to your career as trends fluctuate and carpets or wooden floors come into fashion.

The other way to become a flooring installer is to do a course at a college or other establishment. This will have a similar structure to an apprenticeship but often focus on learning and practicing your skills in a classroom environment rather than on a work-site. There are mock flooring areas which you will practice laying and fitting floorboards on, as well as laying carpets and underlay. Some of these courses are less specialised too, meaning you will do other indoor construction skills, such as plastering, wallpapering and more. These courses can provide you with a wider skill set which will make your career more sustainable and open more doors Yorkshire for you. You will probably still carry out work on work-sites, but it will be a smaller part of your learning journey, as opposed to being full time on one like you would be in an apprenticeship. Whilst a course may give you a larger variety of skills and knowledge, you may lack the experience of being in a real, working environment where you can learn more skills on the job.