The Best And Latest Window Designs For Your Home

November 11, 2018

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From the traditional wooden windows to modern soundproof windows, the designs keep changing with time. It is due to both the demand by the customers for something new and the designers’ will to create something different from the previous one. And by their inspiration and our need, new windows reach our homes and offices.

Windows are important because they add beauty to your property and allow for ventilation and light. Windows provide you with a view of the surroundings and add character to your house.

If you are building a property and are looking for window designs to best suit your needs, here are a few options that you should check out:

1. Wooden with glass

A timeless design that is suitable for any house that is trying to be more on the classier side of things. A tasteful design for people who have a thing for wood. You can fit patterned glasses to make it more vibrant or keep tinted ones for minimal profile. You can use them throughout the house in pairs of four for a wider view. Grills and window mesh can be installed with ease to accentuate and add protection.

2. Sidelights

This window design is perhaps one of the simplest and is ideal for use in the entryway. They allow light to enter from the sides of the main door and make your house look more welcoming from the outside.

3. Tilt and turn

Windows without grilles, the tilt and turn windows open by tilting the frame upside down. These windows are easy to clean and maintain and are preferred for emergency exits. You can have them in the back portion of the house, in the kitchen as well.

4. Wide

Wide means really wide. They give an excellent look of the exterior and if you have a great view from any of the rooms, then installing these windows would be smart. They are entirely glass and are good for commercial properties as well.

5. Long windows

If you have got brick design walls, then long windows would be the best choice. Keep the frames white to blend tradition with modernism.

6. Sliding windows

Framed with aluminium sections, sliding glass windows are apt for a minimalistic and modern appearance. These windows are as functional as any other and make a good fit for both residential as well as commercial properties. They bring the outdoors in and are easy to maintain with aluminium and glass making for a long lasting combination. Good for decks and balconies.

7. Awing and Casement

More commonly seen in European architecture, these windows offer better light control and are more practical than any other. Meant for harsh winter weather, awing windows are installed on the upper end of the house. These windows open half inward and half outward.

8. Geometric

To be customised for your needs, geometric windows are to be used to spruce up the look of other windows and doors in your house. They can be customised as per the space and but do not leave much space for ventilation. You can experiment with the shapes and also give a great stand alone look.